"Use simple tools for simple problems"


Softwares are what you will find here. There are simple tasks and functions which still don't have the solutions good enough. We, the Kensix group will be bringing some.

Check the subpages for freewares and very-low-price sharewares for Windows.

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Coming up:

When you press Caps Lock accidentally theN YOU NEED TO TYPE AGAIN THE WHOLE TEXT. Gosh! Some document editors are able to change the letter cases of a selected text, but what can we do in other situations? This simple tool is what you have to let crouch on the system tray, and call out for that in case of emergency.


CRC Guard
When you have got some problems with your PC, maybe a virus has attacked you, some of your files can be harmed. You never will know if there are any damages inside a file unless you open or use that, and the discovering of the injuries might be delayed. And if there are damages, which files have some critically changed bytes inside? Well, you can make checksums or backup copies of all of your files but that might be slightly uncomfortable with many thousands of files. This program keeps a checksum data base of your files, and you can check your files, folders any time you feel that necessary.





January 18, 2015

Prefix v2.01

August 5, 2014

Pa5sw0rD v1.1



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